Iran Blames Saudi Arabia for Terrorism in Tehran

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply So far as I can comprehend it the Russians and the USA have only supplied the Kurds with enough weapons too keep up a serious threat, that if they move too much of their military to try to engage else were this will provide the opportunity for the Kurds to strike at home, Currently the Kurds don't have the weapons needed to take over, all they currently is an extreme annoyance to both Endogen and IRAN. I think the Pakistan would love to topple Endogen and see the area become even more destabilized by sending weapons to the Kurds, but because of where the Kurds are situated between Iran, Endogen, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, they can't get weapons to the Kurds by Air or by Sea. It's a house of card or a Game of Jenga. One wrong move, and boom. The tower will eventually fall we just don't which play is going to remove the wrong piece is all and how far the feces is going to spread when it does.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Turkey is not in a position to really take action as Currently Endogen hold power because he has the most weapons. But half the country and the high lands are controlled by the Kurds, who's leaders are waiting for the chance to take power of Endogen. Iran knows they can get Turkey's cooperation as long as they promise not to arm the Kurds. That is why Endogen freaked out when Trump suggested giving arms to them, because they might move off the battle field on Syria and bring the fight strait to Endogens' door step. Also Iran has a big stake in that the Kurds are also present in their country. So both Turkey and Iran seem to be trying to play the Kurds against one another, yet not making them too powerful.
  • avanlmaas reply ISIS/ISIL/Daesh is losing the ground war in Iraq and Syria; so they need a different strategy, and one has come their way in the form of increased tension between Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia over Qatar. The terror attack by ISIS in Iran is to escalate that tension between the two biggest sects in Islam to the point where there could be a Mideast war between these two sects, which Prophet Muhammad predicted one would eventually vanquish the other. This will be the mega-distraction ISIS needs in order to take the focus off of their losing ground game in Iraq and Syria, and could create the power vacuum they need to expand their caliphate.
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