T-10M Soviet Heavy Tank

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  • [ – ] Jun-ichi-San reply Is this in Russia?
    • [ – ] PixelPanzers parent reply It's actually in Ukraine. They had many Soviet era vehicles. And even their newest ones are based on the t64 and t80 as the t84 Oplot.
      • [ – ] Jun-ichi-San parent reply Ahh, thats nice. I do want to visit tank museums and millitary museums in general, but the large ones are in America, Germany and Russia.
        • [ – ] PixelPanzers parent reply Definitely take a look at the Tank Museum in England @Bovington. It's the biggest and it's awesome. Also take a look at France and Germany as well. And of course the Kubinka Tank Museum in Russia!
          • Jun-ichi-San parent reply Haha, thanks! Yeah, I saw the Kubinka museum having the Maus and KugelPanzer. Would be very interesting to see how large the Maus actually is.
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