Hello vidme! and update #Art Vlog 1

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I'm so glad you like it here. Yes please, do vlogs 👍 any sort art, thoughts etc, exactly what you're doing on this video. And no you are not rambling, that's a normal vlogging tool. Can't wait to see more!
    • [ – ] bowgallery parent reply I'm glad you really like them. The next one should be out soon. I've been feeling under the weather so doing Arts been kind of out of my mind. But don't worry they'll be plenty more soon.
      • JustABloke parent reply It doesn't have to be an art vlog. Funny you mention you're not feeling well. I've seen vlogs where all the vlogger talks about is being sick, with a blanket over their heads and just well, talking nothing, I actually enjoy those. Hope you get well soon, I just watched one of your transformer games ( I don't play games, cannot handle the stress ), you looked happy killing those other robots that seem to be hindering your progress, you looked in your element. Sorry gamers are nuts, I don't understand them.
  • bowgallery reply That would be an interesting topic to bring up for the next vlog. When it comes to when and how I end up getting sick. I get bad allergies and with Texas inconsistent weather it could be kind of hard to manage sometimes. And the funny thing about the let's play you're talking about. You were probably watching the part where I played the villain side of the story. I have a pretty active imagination so I went along with the idea of being part of their group. I'm up to the part where I'm in the good guys side and I think I got a little too emotional when I couldn't save one of the robots. XD
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