Studio Update! And Potential Video Idea??

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  • BrianAiya reply Yes please. I would like to see a video on that. I think it will help many smaller creators work more productively
  • beigeboy reply I'd be very interested, I like ur background it looks really nice, awesome poster,
  • KazumaKaz reply Video sounds like a good idea!
  • JayBirdGamingTV reply The OG PlayStation pulls the room together
  • Bansic reply Use the empty space for pictures or props that can relate to the video. Also if you're looking for video ideas, you could always do a review of Vidme channels you think have potential. Could generate traffic through word of mouth as well as help people improve their content.
  • Telesti reply Hey yes please!
  • Roland808 reply looking good bro keep up the good work :) any tips would be greatly appreciated fire them out there. PEACE!
  • Okanaganguy reply Dish up some inspiration, comrade.
  • WolvenMedic reply Would be interesting to watch, see how it differs from other sites and also to help people who cringe when they self promote (such as myself XD) So yeah, go for it!
  • Kualdir reply I've seen you somewhere before... (totally not discord)
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