REACT Justin Trudeau condemns intolerant, racist rallies, urges trust in immigration system

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  • Star_Wars6collector reply and it is costing 3 billion dollars a year and that is why services are being cut and many other things as well as it makes it hard for all the people here to get jobs if there is 35,000 people being brought in every year, so that's a huge price tag or economic terrorism
  • Star_Wars6collector reply Soros is behind the destruction and destabilizing of Europe by mass ISIS middle eastern immigration mixed with good people trying to flee the ISIS coming over in the mix, and right after Soros came to visit we got a massive influx of Islamic immigration over all other diverse people
  • Star_Wars6collector reply the only reason people voted for Justin was to have legal pot, that's why he got some many votes,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply so Justin speaks on behalf of special communist interests and not the interests of Canadians
  • Star_Wars6collector reply plus all the money he has been giving away, 12 million to the terrorist Omar that was a child solider at the time for killing American soldiers, and nothing to all our soldiers that lost there lives leaving there families without there fathers or mothers in some cases,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply plus the communist Chinese gave his foundation money just like Soros did and I think Justin also gave Hilary $250,000 dollars as well, the Chinese and Islamic groups gave his foundation money as payoffs for them to get what they wanted,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply don't forget how much money he got from the groups to bring over more ISIS
  • Star_Wars6collector reply it is not diversity when one group takes over whole towns and cities and forces out all the real diversity of the country like it did in the middle east and now Europe,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply who knows how many Jewish people Soros sent to the death camps
  • Star_Wars6collector reply Trudeau is full of crap he met with the SS Nazi Soros so that tells us more then enough as well as his families relationship with communist dictators like Fidel Castro of Cuba, those communists murdered over 75,000 people,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply My grandparents were immigrants and they never got anything, all the people coming over get free housing($1200 per month) and all the free dental and benefits as well as not having to claim taxes as well as pension when not having to pay into it for 30 years as that is how a pension formula works, so it is a massive strain and it is causing massive job loss with all the cuts to pay for this massive immigration strain on the economy,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply everyone knows this already
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