John McAfee: 7 Women I Slept With Can Confirm I'm No Murderer

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  • [ – ] sowhat-vidme reply 7 women? That man has got stamina xD. I kind of like him. He is some sort of like a multimillionaire redneck, hehehe.
    • jeff4justice parent reply He's interesting. But he banned me on Twitter. I think he got pissed at me for asking his VP candidate about his sexual assault allegation. Like the media is just suppose to ignore that?
  • [ – ] Rando91 reply Would've voted for McAfee
    • [ – ] jeff4justice parent reply Did he give it a good enough shot though? Could the public get over his baggage?
      • [ – ] Rando91 parent reply Dude people voted for Hillary and Harambe. I'm pretty sure if folks stop thinking voting third-party is a wasted vote they'll be libertarians in government.
        • [ – ] jeff4justice parent reply Perhaps that's why the "3rd party" candidates to be more upstanding and less controversial it seems. Many Americans are still uptight prudes. I don't remember if I shared with you this channel @nomore2partysystem I am certainly down for thinking outside the failed 2 party system.
          • [ – ] Rando91 parent reply Yeah I'm following your other channel, I think people are becoming less prude and realizing the corruption of big government but are generally to cynical about alternatives to the established parties.
  • jeff4justice reply 🎥 For best viewing quality, on the bottom right-hand side, click on the gear icon ⚙️ and then select "720p."
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