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  • [ – ] Texastom reply DON'T THINK, DON'T SPEAK. i know 1984 gets thrown around a lot, but this really seems to be punishment for wrong think.
  • DrunkenUncle reply That drumroll cracked me up!
  • Sock_Puppet reply Before to court case Google's parent company Alphabet inc got all draconian and censorship happy, after the court case Mr James Damore owned Google!
  • 3oddbits reply The real issue ... It is not about racism/sexism, or diversity ... it is about power and control. My opinion : Two groups ( feminist / SJWs ) are fighting for control of Google. The fired memo writer came up in the crosshairs for both groups. It is going to be interesting seeing who wins and kills the company. Neither group is willing to do ANY of the work or make ANY decision necessary to keep a company alive. ( Comments at other places indicate Google has a real employee turnover problem already. )
  • Edgewood reply All we can do is support you and others however we can, and hopefully raise up just enough that they can resist being bought up and deleted by Google.
  • rxantos reply An inconvenient fact.
  • GanjaGamerKen reply That's the whitest Abo I've ever seen! And the fattest too!
  • Platypus67 reply By firing this courageous guy they simply confirmed what he wrote. If you gander trough twitter and other platforms you find hundreds of people who either didn't read the manifesto or just get their news from cnn, msnbc, etc.; it's sickening to see how many of these braindead leftists claim he wrote a sexist and mysogenistic hitpiece - when in fact it is the complete opposite. This injustice and plain diffamation of a truly benevolent humanist makes me sick.
  • spookyboo reply that drum makes me think I'm watching PBS.
  • rxantos reply Out of curiosity, do Google shareholders know that they got a CEO working on bankrupt the company?
  • jj27 reply That is how narrow minded Google are they sacked James Damore Who wrote the best memo Google has ever seen
  • The_Lamb reply My PC keeps going in and out of focus on Vidme Suit. Hope you still upload to as well as Patreon? All this 1984 and wrong think shit is getting boring and I think all these Magazines, Vloggers will soon die a slow but short death, I hope! Cheers.
  • AlexHimawari reply Best drum roll.
  • GanjaGamerKen reply First... time for a joke... There's more than two genders....
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