Rageaholic Cinema: COBRA (First Episode, Remastered)

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  • SirThomas reply After watching a half dozen of your videos i can see why you are to cool for YouTube. You sir get a dollar a month.
  • Hopeavalo reply The gun you can see in the poster and in this film exists and it's called "Jatimatic". It is a Finnish 9 mm sub-machine gun developed in early 1980s by Jali Timari for Police, Security Forces, and Finnish Defence Forces. It's recoilless and can be fired with one hand. It's also very easy to hide in civilian clothes which is why Finnish criminals favoured it and which is why its production was ended.
  • downstone reply Nice to see you here you angry, swearing bastard:) Keep up the good work! Death to youtube!
  • Capt_Nemo reply Hey Razor, Warner Bros is looking for you. They want to give you a big check to add "Because Modern Movies Suck" to the Cobra poster.
  • ChazDragoon reply and this is how Razor went from 0 to God-fucking-speed. :3
  • [ – ] TheTrue reply Mutherfucking first on this ode to awesomeness!
    • [ – ] PureCrimson parent reply damn it, I thought we left this shit on YouTube
      • TheTrue parent reply Nah, just left YouTube. That bubbling sewer of cuckjizz can slam into the ground at terminal velocity after the SJW jackboots decided to make it into a vapid moron echo chamber.
  • Fantastic_Crap reply Ah I love Cobra, such a great over the top 80's action flick. Liked that you used clips from Hard Target as well, that is my all time favorite action film.
  • DavyDevilution reply Best Scene : COBRA CUTS PIZZA WITH SCISSORS Fuckin' Hardcore
  • Revengex reply Arrnnooollld.."to be or not to be......not to be"...boom.
  • TravisHund reply What's that intro song man?
  • Donnerjack reply Dinasaurs was a 90's tv series . Great videos, glad to see you on vid.me. 👍
  • acoemusic reply First episode? Geez dude, you've barely broken a stride.
  • DueyBear reply This was beautiful.
  • Camsterdam reply Glad to see you on vidme , big guy
  • Out_Of_Control reply Want To Check Out My Channel? Im Just Starting Out And Only Have 22 Followers, I Came Here From Youtube Where I Have 1K, And Would Love If You Would Check My Channel Out. I Make Vlogs, Comedy Sketches, And Tech Videos, So If Your Interested In Anything I Make, Drop An Upvote, And Give Me A Follow :)
  • DryDrowner reply Hey Razor, throw the Queen Mythos on to vid.me. I've seen it so many times I want to throw some $$$ at it :D
  • FuerchtegottGellert reply The pronunciation of Schwanz is a bit off. The end is the important part. Z
  • Unhipalmond360 reply Ingrid inspired me to drown my fries in ketchup.
  • Driveling reply Vid is good but Razor has come a long way. My guess would be quality accompanies rage levels, which have risen substantially in more recent videos, lol #RAGEAHOLICS #ANONYMOUS
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