8. Vlog: Redirect to my podcast with Mumkey Jones

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  • [ – ] dragonanime reply You know you do need to clean dvds for them to play right and sometimes it takes 5 or 10 times to clean them if its been a long time. Also everything being online sucks as you kind of can't own it and Dvds are cheaper if you wait for them to go on sale and buy them used and computers are a pain in the ass
    • Natanahel parent reply Every disc ever made will eventualy brake, so the better solution will have digital backups that are technically undestructables. Copyrights and similar are only a problem of our times that can be resolved.
  • Tomislavr7 reply For the upvote-only function of Vidme, I like it for these reasons: - Upvotes are good in lessening the number of "Good video" comments, and only those who find it especially good will then bother posting it. - Downvotes are generally useless. The creator doesn't get anything from them compared to constructive comments that disagree with him and it just gives a bad first impression of a video before one's even watched it (unlike comments which one usually sees after viewing a video). - The creator will still be able to see what the general impression was by comparing the number of upvotes and putting views into the mix, not to mention the criticism in the comments. Cheers.
  • RangerMV reply The word ''cuck'' is pronounced the same way as ''fuck'' is.
  • [ – ] copperfield42 reply lol, the video repeat itself like if it was a gif, is that automatic or you configure it like that?
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