Seed Sharing Deemed Illegal in the United States, start saving your own seeds or even start a seed library

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  • [ – ] Thornack reply her ein the EU they wanted to ban vegetable gardens :)
    • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply More stupid laws .. the mind really boggles. Is the human race evolving or dissolving . This world is the BED we sleep in and all we seem to be doing is ripping it apart.
      • Thornack parent reply yes, this was mainly Monsanto.....
      • bohemefit2 parent reply its the bankers er wankers.. that control & drive our consumer based society & they are the puppets that want to destroy everything natural. Sheckles & the governments they puppet master over. Just check how many country's jews are kicked out of & this is why. They cause trouble & destabilize, they hate diversity especially whites & the western world. Theres so much that could be free' but the banksters kill it off directly & indirectly.. Grass roots people joining & refusing to comply & demand gov must work for them is a way, along with preserving proudly ones race. Just think of all the governments in the world as now a 'finance' government' run by the richest in the world that created & controlled all wars 'those are the jews/rothchilds/goldman sacchs etc ' & why humanity lost when we lost ww2
    • bohemefit2 parent reply maybe we should register & define pagan as a religion that has the practice of seed sharing since the beginning of time... if muztards can get away with the shit they do for a phony religion then surely a real & older one should trump..
    • bohemefit2 parent reply :-/ cunts need to be banned themselves, dumb jew worshiping degenerates
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply This is a ridiculous law, I wouldn't really worry about this. Birds consume seeds, distribute seeds naturally, long before stupid humans came along.
    • bohemefit2 parent reply stupid humans are the very thing destroying our birds habitat & eco systems..
    • bohemefit2 parent reply how many laws are ridiculous for they hurt civilians & give rights to oppressors/criminals? Nature is struggling & cannot do all the work especially with how much we have taken & not given back as we useto in pagan times. Soil degregation & Loss is another issue, theres no time for people to be complacent & think she'll be right. If you get into the study of permeculture you would understand just how dire things are. Agriculture is destroying life 'soil' to a critical point & creating hot zones in the ocean wherein no life can exist. I do not follow the global warming line but we are killing off alot of nature & systems with our ignorance. We all should compost, garden to a degree be our own producers to some degree instead of zombie hoards of selfish consumers...
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