AntiFa Terrorists Shut Down Boston Free Speech Rally

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  • BockChoy reply Your intro was too funny, never change and for the rest of the story, it doesn't surprise me that much, we have seen these violence signs coming up years ago... and this part is extremely sad for the future...
  • thuggee reply my grand farther was a Communist from the late 30's until he quit the party in the mid 60's he told me a lot about how it works. what these people are is a way to create civil unrest it is a common tactic of the international Communist Workers Party, what they do is they get someone to subvert fringe social justice groups and get them to riot a lot they usually do this by targeting college/ university students they then start preaching to poor people to recruit them. they carry this on until they push the state to braking point then they come in and swoop into power and then kill the groups that destabilized that nation in the first place, they are the useful idiots. it is a tactic Lenin invented it is how he created the USSR.
  • I3UTM reply This is hilarious. I love when you break vids up on Since they do not have a live option, I am at the mercy of your graces. #protestlivesmatter. That's about all. I3UTM out.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply BREAKING NEWS: YOUTUBE Creates Audio Filter That Blacklisted the Word "Trump" On News Channels
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply e go live on You tube to avoid censoring. "Masfaith3", you can set it to get instant notices when we go live.
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