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  • [ – ] Mutto reply So a media company with no one worth watching still has no one worth watching?
  • [ – ] greyback_coyote reply Why is it that when a Jew takes the wheel of a corporation that shady things begin to happen?
  • BigGoy4U reply With Jews You [....]
  • DisgruntledAnon reply Lauren's okay, even with the identitarian views she's started growing she's still a bit of a basic-bitch. Nothing wrong with being basic, but, it's not that stimulating unless you're the type who watches anti-SJW channels just for that " girl vs feminists pwnage." Well since she left, the reason to stick around Rebel Media has also left. So let's watch 'em burn to the ground, eh?
  • ___Rando___ reply "Here at the rebel media we don't throw people overboard except for when we do, which is all the time" - Ezra Levant
  • winter__leaf reply serves them right for not building an empire on water filters
  • ProtruthAntimedia reply Schlomos will be Schlomos
  • [ – ] steelmax73 reply Ezra is a dirty old cosmopolitan
  • Lonecomplex reply Contracts can be breached and broken - they're only as good as they are enforceable. Ezra could have bent or broken many we don't know about, but if no one has the means (read: funds to mount a legal offense) to hold him to task for it or shady employment practices, then it could easily continue indefinitely. Of course, get enough dirty laundry or screw over enough people and sooner or later something will rise to the top. Ezra is no Clinton. He doesn't have the power to stop these things from surfacing. Perhaps if the business was run a little more clean, none of this would have never happened.
  • [ – ] Fexel reply First
  • HolePatrol reply What else do you expect from a shoah
  • ChrisDangerfield reply Good to see you here, been telling my subs to get over here and check you out.
  • Truth0rDeath reply I really want sauce on that Lauren hunting illegals story. What in the fuck lmao
  • [ – ] ryanator008 reply Gavin Mcinnes was pretty funny. The rest of the Rebel alumni kinda veered towards the cringe-right. There's lots of people talking about politics on the internet, so people like them are pretty disposable. Then again, if Ben Shapiro can find success, I guess talent isn't so big of a factor in whether or not you make it big in cyberspace.
  • Driveling reply Andrew is rolling in his grave.
  • Alex_Cypher_666 reply Metokur, have you thought about becoming a voice actor when all of the major shitshows on the Internet blow over?
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