Channel Update: June 2017

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  • Rhyzir reply Nice update. Don't worry about spending money on esthetics, it's the content that matters. You have clear audio and an uncluttered clean background when you're visible and that's all that you need. You're not getting more subscribers because you shop at IKEA so keep your priorities straight or there may come a time when you'll wish you had. Who knows, the money you don't spend now might be needed to relocate to a place that you can continue to speak freely without government fines or imprisonment. You can use money several times but you can only spend it once.
  • GoMGTOW reply The MGTOW community has a profound respect for you Dave, you definitely earned your place in my channel listing.
  • TheScreaminGoat reply 10 pints at VidCon I want to see a video of you drinking them all.
  • FreshSocksFox reply Dave is a tsundere. I don't want your compliments...baka!
  • ManySkills reply I feel like there's a bunch of scrambling going on in terms of creators and new ways of making money. As YouTube becomes less viable, more people are going to move over here and to twitch. But! Keep truckin! You have quality content
  • n00bMLG reply Just decided to get vidme, Hope this helps!
  • R530er reply The irony of your name, haha. Computing Forever... except I'll be switching to politics real quick.
  • MadJim reply I want more of the people i watch on YT to have a channel here like you have.
  • Coastermaker reply Dude, ever since I watched your first video, I have loved your content alot and it really delves deep into certain situations. You've even introduced me to MINDS which I decided to make an account based from your inspiration. You remind me a lot of StormCloudsGathering, SCG did the same thing but with government. He wouldn't make many videos but his points were very activist and interesting as much as your videos are. Your is more narrative and in depth of current situations as much as SCG. Keep up the great work man.
  • DouglasESL reply Dave you rock sir!!!
  • Darksurfer reply Top dog on VidMe. That's great considering the rate of growth of this platform. Stay at the top man and keep up the pressure on everybody that wants to enslave us.
  • Deelisch reply I have been watching your video for a couple of months since the Regressive Left 2+2=5 Poem , I also decided to subscribe on vidme to get updates... Congrats, I'm so done with YT and their censorship and I'm not even visible to major public view but they took the opportunity to censor all of my cover songs... just cruel, disgusting and so damn evil!!
  • ChilliBeatAus reply nice mate! :D
  • MisterHan2000 reply Keep it up, Dave, I love your stuff!
  • tonygreene113 reply great stuff dave...spare several hundred followers to a noob
  • RavinMadman reply Hey man, your mad king supports you. Remember that you magnificent ginger bastard.
  • JadeJicama reply I'd be... slightly worried about going to any cons for a while... what with the recent spate of people attempting to kill others at cons, especially the larger ones.
  • samthepanda reply I wish I could go to vidcon­čśĺ
  • MaxIzrin reply All the greatest Kekistanis in one place? Better watch out for the religion of peace... just sayin'.
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