★ YouTube Promotes YOU! New revenue stream, and twitter tips!! #FreedomFamily

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  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Thanks for the updates Anthony, especially the Twitter ones. I know that over the last week or so I have been kind of quiet on Twitter but that will be changing. The YouTube bit, to be frank I wont be using that as I dont upload there any more. Finding out that nearly half of my videos had been restricted kind of hit me hard and I am sure was one of the reasons I wasn't growing. I know you say that hitting 1000 subscribers isn't that hard but after 4 years and three channels I barely scrapped 100 subscribers so all these new cool features YouTube are rolling out to in my opinion appease the small creators would not help. I honestly cant see me going back over to the dark side any time soon. Awesome that your Twitter and Youtube following is growing though :)
    • [ – ] AnthonySmith parent reply Thanks!! I wish i had uploaded this sooner TBH it's just so easy to forget that vidme is here from my safe little YouTube bubble.
      • iJimUK parent reply Hey, no worries, TBH I joined YouTube about a week before the partner program gates were opened to everyone and yes, I loved uploading videos to YouTube, yes the numbers did bother me and I know I shouldnt look at them but when you spend upwards of four years on Youtube and never on any of my 3 channels even break 100 subscribers it can kind of get to you, especially when you see other channels who`s content is not as well planned out or put together over taking you hand over fist. Then the mess thats going on right now where small creators seem to be getting brushed under the carpet. Vidme, to me is a breath of fresh air, the community is like the community of YouTube 5 years ago, maybe even 6. Right now, I could go viral or get a shoutout from one of the Big Youtubers and end up getting a couple of thousand Subscribers, but I think I would prefer to just stay here. I am excited to record vlogs again, I am carrying an ideas notebook and camera around with me again and the hardest thi...moreng I am having to deal with now is not uploading everything as son as I make it and saving it for my scheduled upload times. I know you are part of a business and a network on YT with Freedom, clicking that unlink from the Freedom network button has been the hardest bit from all of this but Im just gonna stay here.
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