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  • TheMac reply The obsessive need to be special is a predominant feature of this person and many of the people discussed on your channel. That need seems to define and inform their lives.
  • jj27 reply My 4 year old nephew makes more sense
  • JackDinn reply LMAO , how do you come up with this stuff.. dont stop being so creative its one of the few good belly laughs i get nowadays.
  • Muddywaters reply Say something nice ... About the subject? How? Hmm, I can't but I can do something nice, I subscribed.
  • rxantos reply Seems like a really confused person
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!
  • Social-Media-Stuff reply Ok...I was OK until I watched THIS video, NOW I have to UN-SEE the things that I have seen and speak of THINGS that I should NOT talk about.
  • The_Painter reply basically.. shit.
  • Debrajo33 reply Oh the comedy. Ought not your tongue be held? Never. Lmao.
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