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  • Nicodemous52 reply I'm here because I found you after leaving YT... you are helping fill the vid. You are doing God's work by posting elsewhere.
  • Ms_K reply I enjoyed this and keep it going,dope review tho
  • Froban reply I only watched because it's based off Castlevania III and I love that game (albeit the superior Famicom version). And for what we have, it's pretty good. I'm ok with the 4 episodes, a good taster for what's to come.
  • AmandaFood reply guess am waiting till season 2 comes out to watch this. This was a really good review. Not too much into gory things but this seems interesting. I like the repetitive details in other animes I guess because life and other things that I watch it has to be instilled in my head what I'm watching lol
  • Nicodemous52 reply Oh, as far as the point of reviews... Me personally, I usually don't watch them until I've experienced the thing for myself, or when I know I'm probably not going to, not anytime soon anyway. I just like watching other people work things out. I like to see how other people think and break things down. And often people will point out something I never noticed, or something will inspire thoughts in them I'd have never had on my own. And, sometimes I'm only made aware of a thing because of a review. That is what I come to reviews for.
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