Geordie Prepper - Update for July 2017

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  • [ – ] WorldRegister reply I agree with your YouTube assessment. I only use YouTube to link videos to my website. It is really just a procedural thing, however, I am about to change the procedure and link to instead. Keep up the great work!
    • JustABloke parent reply That's the spirit, having a platform where you can link to your videos knowing it's safe is common sense.
    • geordieprepper parent reply Thanks man and yeah ditch that website and Google. If I can find another site to host my video's on that I want to embed into steemit then I'll do that. But I got some awesome Subscribers on YouTube and I think for now I'm going to post there so they see I'm not gone, but encourage them gently to come to VidMe and Steemit where they'll see more of me. You keep up the good work too man!
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply YouTube are hurting the small people as well, there is so much uncertainty there these days I seldom go there at all now.
    • geordieprepper parent reply It's just not a nice place to be. There's much more interesting and better places now and upcoming to be in, such as Steemit ;-)
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