Globalists Hope Trump will Reverse Course on the TPP: I Hope He Doesn't

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  • StolenMoment reply TPP is a secret global surrender treaty. Backers of it disqualify as worthy of support for anything.
  • Lostlurker reply Styx - all the teeth of TPP are now included in the revised TISA. Death of TPP was for show.
  • valereth reply I don't think Trump is going to even reconsider it
  • wolfalexzemla reply STYX You tube is not becoming free TV 2.0 it is becoming cable TV 2.0 And even if you are conservative and you only watch say 15 content providers and they only have say 10 k followers each. Google will manipulate the numbers and you will have to pay 10$ per month for each channel that you follow. So 15 providers at 10$ per month is 150$ or 30 channels for 5$ per mo. And even paying this much per month they will try to squeeze and manipulate everyone back over to CNN. Then pay per view will come along. Committing the oldest sins in the newest ways. Same shit different wire.
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