Nostalgia Games EP 1 - Tekken 5 and vidme dicussion

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  • [ – ] SpeedRave reply I see you had real Tekken Passion in your childhood Haha Btw, its nice that you have some Ideas for your channel in the future. And yeah,without verification, uploading Videos with that limit, will be a pain in the ass and also it´ll be a long adventure to actually gain it and it gets bit hard to get noticed also. But little tip for that: Render your Videos to 720p, upload it to Youtube,put it to "unlisted" (if you dont want it to publish it for everybody on YT). When finished go to VidMe and upload it via Youtube Link by just copy and paste the YT Video URL. You see,if you upload your Videos here on VidMe as a link ,it take less space and with 720p Videos, it will take even lesser space than with 1080p Vids. I do this trick too. Mostly i get 280 to ~700 MB max. on every Video i uploaded,it depends how long my Video is,of course. With that you can post more here even without being verified. Try it out, i´m sure it will help you^^ Also, good Video Wolf. Keep it up!
    • Ricky_W0lf parent reply Hey there! Thanks for the support,i really apreciate it! Im going to test it out when my next video is ready since that would help me keeping my creativity flowing for longer times ^.^
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