Anime Fans AREN'T Pedophiles!

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  • [ – ] j2brc reply Good video, you explained that pretty well. I myself do find lolis to be cute, but I would never ever think sexually about them. It's more like "father instincts" or something, I want to protect them and take care of them like a father would if they were my daughter. Many moe/loli shows do tend to focus on the cuteness, but there is usually more to them. For example Non Non Byori. Yeah it's cute, but biggest thing in it for me was the funny stuff and how comfy the show was, it made me relax and remember the time when I was a kid, and lived in the country. Was pretty nostalgic and made me want to move back to the country some day when I'm older.
    • OutlawHarvest parent reply Thanks. Yeah I can definitely relate to wanting to be a father figure towards a loli. I mean when a Dad says "this is adorable" it's not like they're sexualizing it. It's just an appreciation for cuteness and the young mind. Reminding you of a different time. I love slice of life for how comfy the shows are. When you're a kid things are a lot less stressful lol.
  • [ – ] desertloner reply pedophile is a word that lost its meaning. it has become another general insult
  • [ – ] C-4Kawaii reply Good work. I actually have a series named Loli Wars and felt the need to change the name due to some paranoia. I got concerned about the over zealous, misguided keyboard crusaders out there. So, I changed it to Moe Wars, which might even be more accurate, but most don't even know what Moe is and it doesn't show up in search results. But that's why I like loli, they are moe to me. So I changed it back. I don't even like lolicon, just lolis. I like neoteny. I like kawaii. Also my loli characters are actually serious characters leading adults lives that just happen to look loli. Also, I like the name Loli Wars better... why should I have to change it (it's my damn show) when I'm about as benign as it gets and have got nothing to hide. My point is, even anime fans who like loli aren't pedos. I have a no-nudity rule when it comes to characters that look under a certain age.
    • [ – ] OutlawHarvest parent reply It should be about the characters being good characters and designed to look cool. If your characters are what you want to express then screw any naysayers. You have the right to make whatever kind of art you want. When I made this vid I knew I'd get Keyboard warriors on my ass, but I did it anyway because it was an idea I wanted to express. So I did.
  • [ – ] Collective_Cure reply this is simply as you stated, views of those who do not understand the content honestly..
  • [ – ] tmnsoon reply Good work keep it up.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply You have made one of the most poignant videos on this site. (I miss @vincentmferrari and his videos.)
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