Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas - Nostalgia Critic

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  • TheMageofBreath reply I was getting a serious Numbah 5 vibe from Penny lol
  • LMarucha reply Holy shit is that no. 5 swearing my childhood is complete, FINALLY!
  • hyperbeam02 reply Please keep uploading here Doug.
  • [ – ] Gimpster93 reply All Hail Overlord Penny!!
    • Florella parent reply Aw yiss, gimme a show about how *that* plays out! :D The Overlord Penny story arc must be made! (She demands it)
  • ScottSand523431 reply @themageofbreath Actually since Cree (Numbuh 5's sister) was the evil one I figured it was her
  • MaronaPossessed reply @TheMageofBreath she is also the voice of Numbah 5, Susie from Rugrats, and Miranda from As Told By Ginger :)
  • GumshoeGamer reply Another great video NC! :D
  • Fighting_Zenith reply To Doug: Your Dr. Claw and Gadget impersonations are spot on! By the way, the reason why Penny doesn't get any credit because the writers didn't want her to by a total Mary Sue. To be honest, I'm surprised that you got Cree Summer on this; combined with that Frame-by-frame Flash animation (yes, people have used Flash for traditional frame-by-frame animation, something that many animation old timers and Cartoon Brew morons never acknowledge), is something that should be commended. Besides, that bit was better than another show she worked on: Drawn Together. To Cree: You need to sign up to immediately!
  • espectalll reply I think I fell in love.
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