Nostalgia Critic Suicide Squad Trailer

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  • Magnetrex reply "This is the part where some asshole puts up a copyright claim" lol. Good one Doug
  • [ – ] Epica reply Lol just realize making fun of reactors.
    • Viperfitter parent reply L ok k ok ok k km9999999999 kooo l kmg looolk ok o ooo99ipohktbk kik ok okokkkokok limo lol I'I'llm km km lk implementation ok k km ok ok k I'm okl km ok oimipraminek oo ink ok kik l ok oloo omitted k lol ominous ok millt
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply Quick summary of Suicide Squad: I. Will Smith didn't belong II. Jared Leto and Margot Robbie were wasted III. El Diablo was also wasted IV. The music didn't fit at all, which resulted in unintentional comedy. Hell, Wade Monroe and R1665 would tell them to change it. V. The colors they chose are awful VI. Captain Boomerang felt pointless VII. Same with Slipknot and Killer Croc VIII. Poorly shot and edited fight scenes IX. Poorly plotted and written X. The characters are poorly developed, which makes El Diablo's wasted potential even more tragic. XI. The CGI, for the most part, sucks. XII. Too bad that they couldn't keep Harley Quinn's original constume... Look, even though Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim movie did nothing* for me, at least it was better than this. *=Boring and tried too hard to be like Popeye and The Mask.
  • neo4812 reply this is gonna be good!
  • SuricatoAsalto reply "I am drunk beyond any realm of believability" is my new life motto
  • Epica reply I have been watching you since Kickassia.
  • CaptainDeci reply lol wtf did I just watch?
  • Kladdaugh reply I'd be laughing at the satire of reaction videos, except that it's punching down. I had a snicker at the content strike joke, but then it was just making fun of people who don't have staff and budgets for their content.
  • pokematic reply DC did give us a good film, it's called Lego Batman Movie. The 80 minute toy commercial was the best movie to come out in recent years.
  • NostalgiaCriticJunior reply Absolutely incredible guys great work keep it up proud of I mixing memes yes, yes I am. Also that roast of trailer reaction videos was incredibly exact and honest XD great job.
  • [ – ] SpeedyGaming reply a reaction of a reaction you created........ reactception.
  • [ – ] wordsfrommyface reply Now, who will be the first to post a reaction to this reaction to this trailer for a review of a movie?
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Congratulations on your first big screen event!
  • Jim_The_Ape reply Nice parody of trailer reaction videos. lol
  • teacherandrew reply My problem with this film is that the Joker is more powerful than superman
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