Styxhexenhammer666 Garden Update April 15th, 2017

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  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply looking good!
  • StolenMoment reply shitted? shot? crapifaction! BTW: brick border is on the low side of ok. Washed[smooth] rock is esoterically much better.
  • sjacobus reply Hey Styx your garden area looks great. Do you only use cow shit? I use sheep shit exclusively. I heard that you get less weeds that way.
  • Lobotomy reply Hope you threw down some screen under that mulch. If not, it'll look like the rest of your lawn in a couple months.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Am i the only one who's slightly reminded of his minecraft videos haha
  • [ – ] drunkintheam reply Very nice sized area to work with. Very awesome!
  • VanquishxTV reply That's a pretty big garden! The girlfriend and I are currently renting a house but once we are in a position to buy our own home I have pretty big plans for a garden! Great video!
  • MidrangeKEK reply Some suggestions: Call up your utility company, they will often deliver(read: dump for free) woodchips if you ask them. Ask some farmers for old/rained on hay bales, they will often give them very cheap/free if you take them. Great for mulching, composting, and even building a compost bin (small square bails work best[wear a dust mask, old hay can carry mold spores-not something you want to breathe]. Get some cover on those beds, your loosing carbon when they are bare. Sow some cover crops as you harvest and tarp off the beds before the snow until the ground thaws and the sun hits them for a days. Builds up the carbon and kills off everything.
  • GarvakD reply That's actually a sizable garden.
  • coldwarrior reply We got to get our shit together here. Definitely weeks behind. Used to use horse shit when I lived beside a stable (free). I buy cow shit now.
  • Perseus_Gold reply Do you germinate indoors or just plant outside? In my part of Ontario I need to start everything but potatos and radishes inside. It unfortunately looks like my garden is cancelled this year because my knee is in a splint and I can't do any of the labour properly.
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