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  • ClimatePonziLie reply It's just part of the never ending attack to mock the word of God. They have no definitive proof of what cause the Universe to appear out of nothing. To claim it was God, met with it was the big Bang. Claim that the flood happened lead to mass destruction and loss of species, met with it evolution over millions of years. This is used to disprove the earths age and Creation at the same time. That abortion is murder is the result of unmarried relations. Hyper sexuality is promoted by Hollywood followed with publicly funded abortion. Christian teaching are presented as oppressive and you can pay for a abortion or sex change but opposition is morally repulsive as imposing values. While they support them as being oppressed and ignore Islamic Sharia Law mandate. When it suits their purpose they will twist the words of the Bible with stories of the hand Madden. They then use the Bible to promote accepting Islamic Refugees, when promoting ISLAMIC immigration use the Quran. Hollywood attacks Ch...moreristians but runs from any criticism of ISLAM, remember Charlie Hebdo. Armenia, Barbary wars. Battle of Vienna. Sex slaves are part of ISLAMIC teaching the Chinook Girls kidnapped by Boko Haram
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The headlines should have read the Feminist agenda meet it's end today, Trudeau gave ISLAM the higher ground today with Bill M-103. I waiting to see which wins out Feminism or Sharia Laws. Feminist virtue signaling promoted by the CBC is proving beyond any doubt the West will crumble under stupidity and the media is corrupt. When the CBC promotes woman's issues it find a woman with blue or Green hair. The medias sales pitch of virtue signaling starts with colored hair next add some pasty white make-up and a red nose ball. Now the CBC now has a perfect representative of virtue signaling Feminism. It's also an easy sales pitch for the ISLAMIC IMANS, to say Women need to be kept inline turn on the TV and show the Green haired woman. Feminists ideology has no place under Sharia Law and won't be catered too as being virtuous. England is already seeing ISLAMIC patrols impose their moral values. Trudeau says that he is a feminist Bill M-103 proves that he hates it, or he is just very stupid. ...moreThis law will ensure that his children don't need to suffer under feminist values, he would rather see them subject to Sharia Laws and remain silent.
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