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  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Hi MintTeaMew! I am a huge fan of VidMe--I've found such a warm community here. Cheers to you and your future VidMe endeavors! Toodle-Pip, Calibri Funtimes
  • MysticSword reply Hiya Mint. You seems quite knowledgeable about VidMe. As I've mentioned to you in another comment, I'm still fairly new here, but there's a couple of things I was hoping to find out; Is there a way to have VidMe remember my preferences for video-playback quality? It seems it always starts videos in a low (and rather blurry) quality. While I understand that's probably the fastest way to stream a video, I usually prefer 720p quality playback (which has good quality visual quality and still loading / buffering in fast enough). Another thing I was wondering, if there's a way to block certain channels so their videos won't show on the Hot or New or Picks? Like, for example, earlier one User was basically upload spamming short 10 second videos basically being an advertisement to click on a link. There were dozens of these videos hogging the "New" page, and I was really wishing for a way to simply block that whole channel (which basically was spam). Or, there are some videos I find the thum...morebnails really distasteful / gross / or some things I don't really have much (if any) interest in (such as Political videos, Drama videos, etc...). Thanks for being so cool and friendly. Keep up the good work and best wishes! :) --Don
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