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  • Wortigon reply as a movie it's good, but it's practicly the same movie as district 13. I mean one of te 2 protagonists run by the same name (Damien - Paul Walker); while the oter is played by the same actor/parkourer (Davide Belle) the only differences are: K2 and his boss being black main criminal surviving some names in District 13 Lola is Lettos (David Belles character in that movie) sister here, Damien isn't bald this one has much better cars in it the plot is perfectly the same, same thing happens in both, and even many of their lines are the same in the 2 movie but the bbiggest difference of all: without resurrecting Paul Walker, this one can't have a 2nd movie also R.I.P: Paul Walker
  • LeoReccky reply hii who is watching ? :)
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