Personal Opinion About Taxes and Licenses To sell on eBay - Episode 34

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  • SellerThink reply Not certain where you are getting your information. You said Import - so I am assuming you are referring to importing into the USA, and In such situations, like every place I've ever exported to, out of the USA, there are custom fees and import taxes. It depends on the type of products. Now if you want to talk about eBay's Global Shipping Program, which is it seems that you are, then eBay itself doesn't handle that end of its Global Shipping Program which is operated by Pitney Bowes out of Kentucky. But eBay's Global Shipping Program within the USA is export, not import. Either way, here is a quick break down regarding Import to the USA which mentions that Imported Goods into the USA are subject to Customs Inspections and Import Taxes, unless they are imported within a Foreign Free Zone within the USA, and then they are subjected if they are transported out of that zone. Now at no point are you mentioning Quantity.... because Quantity and the method used to import goods into the ...moreUSA affect the rules. China for instance can ship a handful of low value products using their outrageous US Postal Agreement and e-packets for penny's. But, when discussing eBay or reselling, import or export, you always, always have to keep in mind that every reseller is dealing with different categories of products, sourcing opportunities and quantities of products, its really difficult to generalize all import and export scenarios into a single blanket statement about eBay or even about what happens on other marketplaces. I for instance sell entirely different products than my Nephews brother, we acquire product from different sources, we sell on different marketplaces, I sell smaller quantities and he sells in high volume. I allocated the majority of my products locally, where as my nephews brother has contracts to import full containers of products from international sources. Those containers have to be inspected and cleared in customs and he pays custom fees, depending on the kind of product, he may also pay import taxes because its directly competes with American manufactured products. I'm not a fan of eBay Global Shipping, or even eBay at the moment, but its Global Shipping Program does create opportunity for small business to export goods out of the USA with the least amount of effort or time involved, and it allows people outside of the USA to obtain product on eBay within the USA. So, its a fair trade off. Ebay sellers can potentially get more sales, and non-USA shoppers can get some products that they cannot get in their own country. ERGO, those shoppers pay whatever custom fess exist in their own country, they pay for the international shipping costs, which is very high. Thanks for the comments.
  • [ – ] SellerThink reply @Star_Wars6collector About Currency Conversion rates, eBay has no control of that. The conversions are processed by PayPal. As a seller, you can turn-off conversions in your PayPal settings so they buyer pays for conversion fees into your currency. Having, lived in Japan and Southern Mexico with US Dollars, I have had to deal a lot with currency conversions. There is no standard other than what the market value is. Each bank or financial place that can convert currency has different prices. Basically, you are buying the currency from who ever is selling the currency in your own money, kind of like the Stock Market, it fluctuates daily. As for Import taxes, again eBay has nothing to do with that, those taxes are what your country charges, and each country has its own rules. For instance, in the UK, they have VAT in addition to custom fees which are an additional fee charged by customs department of a country. Global Shipping costs again are not eBay or PayPal's fault, but your co...moreuntry, Even here in North America, if you are in Canada, and you buy from the USA on eBay, then you are going to pay Custom Fees and Shipping Prices based on the NAFTA agreement. The only country that gets to screw everyone at least in America and most other countries is China. China can sell on eBay something like a IPHONE for a couple of dollars to the USA. But a seller in the USA will pay $8 dollars to ship the same IPHONE from California to New York. Those are just some of the expenses of selling outside your country, which is why most USA sellers either do not ship internationally, or on eBay they use Ebay Global Shipping. By using eBay Global shipping, the seller only ships to the state of Kentucky domestically, then Pitnet Bowes processes it and handles all customs. But I know how you feel. Here in California, a medical prescription I uses costs $200 per 10 ML - but the same drug is sold in across the border in Mexico for $15 and in Canada $20
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply as for import tax sorry bud but it is done by states that are a part of the global shipping and it goes against the whole reason there is shipping in the first place, so say what you like import tax means over sea's not you can add import tax and same with duties that's a BS tax grab that goes into someone's pocket because our taxes already fund our borders,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply well I hope Trump terminates NAFTA because it does nothing but slow down the economies
  • Star_Wars6collector reply you can sell items on tones of other sites without the hassle of E bay,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply I terminated my e bay and told them that there releasing buyer info and what you have purchased violates your privacy plus all the other fake costs as well as how your scammed when they do currency conversions, plus the import fake tax when you live in North America, as well as the extra hidden global shipping costs,
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