It's Time To Prepare

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  • [ – ] MeMadMax reply Dude, I've been preparing ever since I learned what the federal reserve is, what fractional-reserve banking is, and what the petro dollar is... Virtually since I was in highschool and took business math as an elective instead of study hall lol... I'm now 35 goin on 36... 19/20 years of prepping... And I STILL don't think I have enough crap squirreled away for me and my family... Look man, if you are just now realizing how screwed we are, then you got ALOT of catching up to do. The first step is to run down to walmart RIGHT NOW and blow 20 bucks on rice and beans. 20 bucks can buy you a big bag of both and will keep one person alive for a month or more if you have access to water... If you can do it, buy one of those brita water filters in the little pour jug things too... This stuff will keep you alive for a month in the event of a total breakdown overnight apocalypse scenario... And of course, the more the better. And hide that shit in a storage area outside of town. Keep a full tank...more of gas. Keep meds/toilet paper/guns/ammo etc etc in full stock at all times and in your storage area. Don't bother buying gold. Don't bother saving up money....
  • [ – ] Dave8814 reply 20 days of food and water medicine antibiotics suture kits and weapons something my dad pounded in my head since I was a kid. I remember all the hurricanes growing up my neighbors begging for food and water from us. He gave them some but he was pissed my mom told anyone we had supplies. He also stressed having good Scotch to barter and negotiate with over a drink.
  • [ – ] Kiruna reply I spent career in military, never had a gun in my home. never concerned about trouble on large scale in my western nation. 6 months ago, my senses began telling me change is coming. and I'm now well armed. I also started exercising more. no big reasons why, just my sense telling me.
  • [ – ] SpeedyGaming reply Save your money in a vault, not a bank. If the bank goes down you won't be able to retrieve it in this digital age. It's best to set aside some money to buy a safe.
  • jp9605 reply Stock up on guns, food, knives, bug out bags, etc. Shit is going to get wild. I disagree with you angry. Yes, there will be a collapse. But this will be a collapse of society. As a class of people collapse, everything else will. This is a matter of the domino effect. As one falls, all classes fall because they all depend upon one currency. As the currency is devalued through derivative market scams, there will be blood in the streets like never before. Look at Venezuela. You have the entire nation in shambles and the people eating cats, dogs, and zoo animals just to survive. Welcome to the United States of fucked America.
  • JaredAycock reply Trump inevitably saved us from Civil War. If Hilary were elected i can promise you there would have been blood in the streets and mass chaos on an unforseen level but by the grace of allmighty God we have been saved. This is not to say things will be easy in the next 4 years but in terms of doom and gloom armageddon talk there is no need to fear... As of right now MGTOW's things will only get better its just a matter of enduring what u all are already going through. godspeed to all of you out there i promise all of you the best is yet to come!!
  • GoMGTOW reply I have spoken in depth with the prepper community about MGTOW, and the majority sides with the MGTOW mindset that those who are not prepared or who have no survival skills to offer are a liability. To a Prepper, Women are automatically considered a burden and a drain on resources, even more so if they have children. Make no mistake, as far as the Prepper community is concerned, these people will be dealt with as a security risk.
  • [ – ] jp9605 reply There are a lot of channels on youtube regarding prepping. One of my favorites is Canadian Prepper. He gives out really intelligent and well thought out planning for skills and tools needed to survive what is coming. His channel is in the provided link:
    • geordieprepper parent reply I'm trying to get more over here to VidMe, I've had some success with smaller channels like mine, but the bigger and more established are a bit more reluctant I think. Said to Canadian Prepper and others that I reckon they'd do well here. Plus All American Prepper too haha.
  • AItiger reply I'll tell you one thing, once the police are not enough to sustain a croud like SJW or ANITIFA (domestic terrorist not peaceful protest) will be delt with by the military, conform/obey or die on site. "We do not negotiate with terrorist". We will preserve this civilization an any feminist caught WILL DIE OR GET "RAPE".
  • AItiger reply Fuck these whores, they're equal to men, so i wont help them even if they have kids. Where were women/feminist when men were homeless an we were being taken advantage of in divorce/child_support/custody of kids. NO, i wont help they want to be men then treat them like men. If they get fuck or rape, NOT my problem they can handle themselves like men. MGTOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • geordieprepper reply Glad you have mentioned prepping man and even more glad you mentioned physical fitness. Being fit in body and mind is the Number 1 prep to get sorted first. Everything else can wait a while. Be safe and prepared man.
  • Sebastian_Dangerfield reply Angry, should we start a MGTOW Army?
  • AItiger reply Matthew 22:30 (CEB) At the resurrection people won't marry nor will they be given in marriage. Instead, they will be like angels from God.
  • [ – ] stormrookylassie reply how do i find the thump nail he's useing?
  • Insidio reply Zero time to prepare, This Fucked To Over is Retroactive πŸ”₯ENJOY πŸ”₯🌟MGTOW 🌟
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