TEAMKILL - Charging The Whole Team Into A Barrage

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  • [ – ] VANIAOFFICIAL reply why are you even following me if you don't even watch or upvote my videos??? that makes no sense *facepalm* I'm just asking
    • Dollebob parent reply Well sir, im doing my best. I started this video/youtube thing while im renovating my house+ I got diagnosed with type 1 diabtes. Im trying to support peopel on youtube/twitter. I used this platform to upload my videos aswell. I dont know this platform that well. I would love to see your videos man. I dont wanna be a douchebag who just promote hes own shit. I am really supportive. I would try to be more active on this platform and watch your videos when your upload. Im so sorry. I just have alot going on. I hope your understand, and you will defently see me in the comments in the future ;)
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