Thank You Men and Women of the Military AND Trump Gives Military the Authority to WIN

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  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply I agree with you Charlton, serving your people is the ultimate, whether it's as a soldier, a nurse, a police officer, or a volunteer at the library. The problem I've always had about the military is not the brave men and woman doing their daily job to serve their people, rather it is the people who control the military, who use it for their own nefarious purposes. When the dominant elite work behind the scenes to set up conflict scenarios around the world that we now have to go deal with militarily, to me that is a waste of life and not a good use of our precious resources. North Korea is the latest setup that has been in the works for years. See the bad man. Go kill the bad man! But don't look how the straw man was set up in the first place. Don't look at who is really running the show. Just look at the latest threat, the latest fire to be put out. No time. No time. No time to figure out the truth. Go put out the fire. Tiresome. Just thinking out loud again. Another great video, Charl...moreton. Good job!
  • JamesRBrown reply As a vet, I'm glad we have a CinC that does respect our service. Also, hope you had a good Easter.
  • EmanWazz reply Nice video man been watching you're content recently also I noticed you followed my channel so thanks man.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Happy Easter! I'm happy that Trump has given the military the liberty they deserve :)
  • [ – ] RobertWM8 reply HAPPY EASTER...
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