Knives for survival, camping, bushcraft

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  • Bushcraft_Prepping_Survival reply Excellent video man. Full of good info and common sense. I've been pretty loyal to certain brands, but recently I have been trying out a lot of knives made in China. I must admit they are producing knives as good as anyone. Of course there are loads of rubbish out there, but when you consider that big manufacturers like Gerber are made in China, yet have a good name with a lot of people, it says it all.!! Even age old manufacturer like Cold Steel manufacture their knives in Japan, Taiwan or China I also believe that Shrade have a few of their knives made there as well. Personally I use the Mora knives mostly. The Mora Garburg & Companion are excellent knives. It is becoming very difficult to get an original knife from the country it is supposed to be made in unless you trade for an older one. Keep the vids coming. Thanks
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