Drawing Disney Characters from Memory - #OnlineArtClub

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  • [ – ] John-Goras reply I'm so sick of Disney. They are such Illumanati Globalist bullies. I mean, the early films, Bambi, Snow White, even up to the Fox and the Hound were pretty cool. But the new stuff, forget about it. That said. I do live under their aesthetic shadow, I do quite a bit of rotoscoping. Rotoscoping enraged killer skeletons like this, https://vid.me/Yyw4 For no money even. Vidme wont even verify me so that maybe I can buy my cats some decent catfood. Top that, Walt!
    • [ – ] AnarchyofAdam parent reply very gory.
      • John-Goras parent reply Yhea. I didn't hold back on the red sauce. Tom Savini was my hero as a kid.(among others) He was the spfx artist who worked on the original Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th, Creepshow, etc. He later became a director/actor/school founder.(School of Gore! No, I didn't go.) And John Woo's early films were very influential. Anyhow, thanks for watching. There's others, a part 2+3 I put up here. I'm new to this site, so doing a little bit of outreach. peace.
  • [ – ] MadiPatti reply I absolutely love this. ^^
  • [ – ] DecadesApartProductions reply If I had to draw Ursula I would have ended up drawing Divine. But that's just me.
  • Boxlightyear reply Take it a way penny! .....
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