Hannity Explodes

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  • [ – ] peterekeumbotbotaway reply There are no Muslim spies in our government. You need a psych evaluation. Stat.
  • bill_whitacre reply You called that one Von. Great work!! And yes you were the only one talking about it. You were the ONLY source that called this out.
  • Flat_Earth_Dork reply PS.. Thanks for the good content.
  • Flat_Earth_Dork reply I followed you and turned on the bell. Now I'm getting notifications every time you post a video. That's cool. But what is the difference between Youtube's subs and Vidme's subs? Thanks for replying to me yesterday. By the way I do tip waitresses 20 percent or better. I make and adhere to my own rules when it comes to spending money on the internet. Comcast takes a huge portion of my income and the cap gets welded on right then and there. With all the www of free shit out there, I don't need to spend any more money.
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