Peter Thiel: The Myth of Diversity

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  • PorkCow reply I want to see "multiculturalists" try to hold their protests in the middle east without being jailed and flogged by sharia law. Western culture is really the only culture that allows people like that to exist in the first place.
  • Jannra reply If more of us could have listened then😑
  • jake2828 reply It is very hypocritical to use this clip. Twenty years ago Peter Thiel was a gay man in the closet. Why was he in the closet in the first place? It was not due to the conservative right that he is now able to live as an openly gay man? Although this clip is about cultural diversity, he does continuously refer to sexism but never homophobia (the reason why he was in the closet). He also used his wealth to destroy Gawker because of a grudge. And you and others complain about what You Tube is doing by demonetising you?. He was also fast-tracked to receive New Zealand citizenship even though he has never lived in the country nor intends to do so (surely the equivalent of refugees trying to jump the queue, but using their wealth instead of their religion to do so). If you are going to use various speakers to support any of your arguments at least do a bit of research and be honest about the person.
  • Apho-Risma reply The Lefty create the racial tension just by simply demonic minds and hatred on those that make it easier for them to have the liberty to spew all that rubbish! !
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