Why I Dislike the YouTube Dislike Button

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  • ThePlusSideOfThings reply This is a very good point. Thank you for taking the time to explain another side of this. I just find it interesting. As far as negative feedback, I wish the thumbs downers would tell me why in the comments. Instead it's just crickets.
  • Andrew_Rousseau reply The problem is not that YouTube has a dislike button, but rather that other social media is lacking what has to be the second most important feature. The most harmful thing to do to a true content creators it to not allow feedback of both the positive and negative type. You talked about numbers of likes and dislikes and I would suggest you stop thinking about absolute numbers. When I periodically check the YouTube creator studio it shows me the likes and dislikes ratio. That is the important number. If 90% or more of the people who took the time to click on one of those buttons hit the upward facing one then just ignore the rest. If you have close to a 50% ratio then start looking at why that may be. As for the idiots just trolling with the thumbs down, just be thankful that they are hitting up your videos. They are pushing your viewer interaction numbers higher. YouTube uses that as an important metric in ranking. As a content consumer the most important part of a dislike bu...moretton is being able to give the platform a valuable metric for finding me more content that I want to watch. If implemented well, this will help both the creator and the consumer. Consumers that would enjoy your content are not going to if they never find it. By comparing what a user likes AND dislikes to other users a much better guess can be made about what content to suggest. For example let's say that I and another user have disliked and liked the same videos that we have both watched in the last two weeks. Videos that he/she has watched and liked that I have not seen would be more appropriate to suggest to me. This helps the content creators as well since it helps steer the correct audience to their videos. Cross your fingers that more social media will implement a dislike, thumbs down, down vote, crap, garbage, nope, not cool, etc button for all content posted on their platform.
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