Chainsaw to the face! - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Part 9

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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Good stuff human! Resident Evil 7 was a great return to form, and is even SCARIER for a sheep like me when I played it in PSVR you know? So frightening!! Made the PSVR worth it. Have you played Outlast 2? I read mixed reviews on it. The biggest criticism is the running away scenes where, if you mess up a little, you gotta restart the whole sequence and get it 'just right' and go to all the right places without getting stuck for 1 second. A bit of a shame cause there are other parts of the game that are scary and good!!! Heading over to your YouTube channel to support your content and subscribe! <3 I like your voice --- it doesn't sound 'tired' or 'bored' like some channels!! <3
    • Oran1 parent reply Hey thanks for watching and yea i did try Outlast 2 and did record a bit of it but it was just too boring as i did get stuck a few times not knowing where to go and died over and over -_- the game has a good story but sadly like most people have said it is a run and hide kind a game and the guy can't pick up anything to defend himself unlike RE7.
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