Things that Freak Me Out (part 2)

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  • BlackbirdFrost reply OMG OMG! The bit about walking out without buying anything is 187.3% me! Did you get the scary Pinocchio dream again after watching the clips you edited into this video? I'm...I was just curious.
  • SlyOperator reply I can talk to people if I want to, I just can''t be bothered to.
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply I've been there in the past but because of my Girlfriend I slowly gain confidence in dealing with people and how to start a convo. All thanks to her :)
    • [ – ] KevinZeta parent reply I've been reading something about it, and I think that introvert and extrovert are defined not by their social skills, but by their dependence to social interaction. An introverted person can be very good at talking and dealing with people, but that doesn't stop making him/her feel like they weren't in the place where they belong. Maybe the reason why a lot of the people who watch your videos are introverted, is because a lot of that kind of people don't know how to accept their own way of being and they find comfort and understanding in your videos and they feel identified with yourself and the things you say. To be honest, I considered myself an introverted but that doesn't mean that I don't like people. I don't like being in big groups but I like more have personal and deep conversations with only one person at a time. Sorry for all the text. XD Nice video, anyway. :)
    • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply That's a good thing. Good on you for trying to get out there more. :D
    • KevinZeta parent reply Oh no... I don't know why did I post this here... sorry 😧
  • CheapAnglerFishing reply Balloons make me nervous.
  • recoveryflowerx reply i love this omg
  • Baxton reply I do the same! I will go into a small store and look around for 20 mins only to buy noting, and feel awkward when walking past the employees
  • Salty_Dawg reply It's a lie. She did pop out of my computer and gave me a pop quiz of her first irrational fears video. And not only did I have to interact with another human being, but I had to interact with Jaiden Flipping Animations, one of the biggest animators on YouTube. *begins to sweat*
  • sakuramboo reply Subscribe for more animations... youtube link...
  • UnderTheRedHair reply It's interesting to see lots of YouTubers on
  • arroxa reply Oh, are retarted or you're making that shit up? Scared or walking out of a store?????
  • [ – ] ElectricTitan reply Oh hey! Who are you doing?
  • Howesenberg reply I used to think a lot like this then I watched this video which made me realize that every one is concerned with what you are thinking of them just as much as you are doing the same, when you realize that a strangers focus isn't on you but themselves (as we are all selfish creatures in that way) it makes you calm down a bit and everything goes from a mad panic to just...meh whatever.
  • DrunkenLeprechaun reply Man im only decent at stop motion lol darn you Flash!!. Very nice video L)
  • [ – ] Iannis_Hour_LOOK_DESCRIPTION reply u are also not doing face reveal because of being intervert?
  • UltimateAbRod reply Oh man the part about talking with others bringed to my mind the Game Grumps part where Arins ask Que paso es coat?? loved that part.
  • UltimateAbRod reply I dont know what I am, i just know, that i enjoy your voice and your animations :3
  • Dexter561 reply love this video :D
  • Game_Idea_Guy1 reply Like how you passive aggressively suggest other videos on the sly.
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