Truck Guns - Good or Bad? (The Great Debate)

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  • Tim18wheels reply It's hard to say. There is not much that would make a bad truck gun. It's all a matter of preference. Kel Tec SU16 is not a bad option. Sub2000 is not bad either as a perfect pair to a sidearm.
  • YakYakker94 reply I only have A henry lever gun but I think im going to buy a Kel Tec Su16 so I can have a Tactical rifle
  • Iridium242 reply I keep a single shot shotgun in my vehicle and always have my carry gun on me. The old H&R 12 gauge was given to me for free, I restored it and cleaned it up, and if it gets stolen,I wont be out any real money, and its certainly not a gun someone would see as a highly desired gun for a criminal to steal. BTW good to see you over here, I am uploading my vids here as well as youtube.
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