A Community In Ruin

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  • whitezombie reply Nice? Fuck nice lizzie, this is war. Just because the religious retards are from the left, doesn't mean they are less totalitarian. Don't know about you, but I have a bias. like talking my fool head off, and debating ideas. Been doing it for years. decades to be more exact. The difference is I do it IRL with people I know and respect. Zeff dude, live streaming at the drop of a hat is done for money. Super chat dude, super chat. Content? Fuck that, money in the bank the name of the game since YT started monetising content. So its lame, you think they give a fart as long as it pays? Respect whom ? It all comes down to self respect my dude, if you do you do, if you don't, what can I say? Drama llamas is why you wont find this zombie in twitter. I have enough real drama I don't need fake. cause the majority is fake. Look! Look at what they did this time. Do I give a fart? You wanna stop shouting and talk about it like rational adult people? Fuck no, all they want is to point and shout....more Sorry dude i won't go near the cancer if you paid me. Oh something else. There are no political sides this time. You are either with those who want the right to think and talk freely, or you're with the religious idiots. Pick a side and bear the consequences. Personally I would not side with the religious morons even if they had a god on their side. No morons, the government is not god , you got it mixed up again. We had that debate when the Sons of Dorous founded Sparta. If the bastards of Heracles failed ,what the hell makes you think you can get it right?
  • Annunziata reply I'm glad I tend to stay out of drama. I hate making assumptions about people and I hate uncivilized debate. Yeah, I tend to give people a little more benefit of the doubt then I probably should but, once it is clear they did something, I'm not going to be like but, they were nice and defend them. I don't know who anyone truly is online, I know what you show me and no matter how much one tries to be fully themselves on camera there are always things that will not get shown. If I ever do mess up; I would personally want to be told, I am a young "woman" and I know I have many things to learn. Sycophants don't help you grow as a person.
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