Daddyofive -Youtube Community Saves Emma and Cody [MIRROR]

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  • Boodang reply Excellent news. Thank you two for stepping up to protect these two children from true psychotic parents.
  • ProveYourCase reply I am so relieved... bless her, bless those kids, AND GOD FUCKIN' BLESS THE AMAZING CUNTS WHO HELPED! <3
  • sgtdoggo reply Wow omg i thought this was fake but i checked daddyofives channel..
  • AceAcer2 reply Thanks for sharing this video Suit. Now it's payback time for Do5 and Mo5 - then the victory will be total :D
  • GoldenSlumberer reply Suit,.gutted you're suspended, Irate Bear told us you were still over here so I can still get my Suit fix, until then #FREESUIT
  • MaccaLives reply I'm so glad the kids are back with their mum. Let's hope it's not too late to undo (most of) the damage inflicted on them.
  • [ – ] Xedd82 reply What happend suit
  • Erinmefford reply Golden suit just said on joy sparkle bs channel he will be allowed to upload again which is great
  • LeslieAWhitman reply It's so good they were able to get out. I wish Emma and Cody the smoothest recovery.
  • 108astudyhard reply Wow so good news.dont see that much.
  • MusaVaino reply its bloody crime you are not in youtube. Irate bear sent me. cheers!!
  • The_Ninjaneer reply :D so glad that this is over
  • Jameo reply Excellent news that Rose has now got Cody and Emma from those assholes. P.S. #FreeSuit youtube is turning to shit.
  • MonsterMash13 reply #freesuit irate bear sent me too... bloody youtube. I am following you on here as well so please continue the good work, if anything the daddyoffive drama has proved that you do make a great difference:)
  • SamEarl13 reply Nice to see a happy ending, though DaddyOfive should be fined in some way considering he probably still has whatever money he made via his channel.
  • njullpointer reply This sounds like very good news. I usually don't give a shit about internet drama, but the video of those fucks yelling at those kids was way too awful to watch.
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