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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Yeah, good topic! My wife and I spent much time apart in the beginning too and we talked every day on the phone, texted or emailed each other as well. It was difficult for both of us but we stuck it out and we've been together happily for over a decade now. So I know the pain of separation and I feel for you both. I'm not able to feel positive all the time either but I try to be as encouraging as I can to others as much as possible. Life is tough, no way around that. But if I can bring a little light to others every day, then the day wasn't wasted, you know? Thanks for sharing the good and the bad, keeping it real!
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Wow super congratulations! That is really awesome to hear! You're so kind and go above and beyond to say something nice all the time. I really appreciate that a lot! It definitely can be tough, but we know it's going to be worth it in the long run =D Plus, she will be back all summer, so that won't be too bad
  • [ – ] ChrisAtariNerd reply I am also in a long distance relationship. And I have to cross the pacific ocean. If things goes well according to plan, I might propose to her next year I hope. Please don't tell her I am said it. hehe
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Wow that is a long ways!!!! But huge congratulations on the possible proposal! That is so wonderful to hear =D I won't say a word I promise!!!
      • hailstorm parent reply I couldn't imagine having that long distance. Congrats on making it work! And on the possible proposal!! Good luck!
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Yep... My gf is in Vietnam while I am in England. We were together for a few years before she had to leave the UK.... It's hard.... Very hard... Depressing. And empty... I don't like it...
    • danielamann parent reply Yeah...I'm really sorry to hear that! It can be really tough, but if she's the right one it will be worth it in the long run, it can just be tough for the time being. Hang in there <3
  • KeiserHTTC reply You guy's are a cute couple 👫 and look to have alot in common I can imagine the difficulties you face bro there is some things you can't do with a 3 and a half inch floppy 💾 as in facetime is great but together time is quality. But I bet it's the small things you miss like when Netflix and Chill means Netflix and chill lol just standard chill together time ⌚ me and my girl watch a bit of breaking bad or Vikings. Lol 😁 love it
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply You guys are so great together. It sucks being apart but look forward to next time you'll see each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
    • danielamann parent reply That's what they say, but being together makes the heart a whole lot happier, I can tell you that. I'm lucky to have her as such a major part of my life =D Thanks, as always, for such kind words my friend
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Me and my woman have a long distance relationship...I smell so bad she keeps her distance long!
  • [ – ] MutantPixel reply Hats off to you two making it work, wife and I did this same thing when she was doing studies for college so I feel your pain. And I can't wait for that 1K vid! Still trying to figure out what I'm gonna do for it. Keep being awesome!
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply It's not easy, but we are both in school so it keeps us both pretty busy and all! Definitely can be really tough to manage, though, so we do our best. Hats off is always a funny phrase to me considering the running joke here on my channel has been about my 30+ hats ;D 1k video will most likely be here sooner than later! I can't wait to see what you contribute to the effort!!! I'll be on the lookout
  • [ – ] Techmike23 reply You guys are great for each other! You look very happy! Also good luck on the collaboration, I'm excited to participate and watch 🙂
    • danielamann parent reply Thanks so much!!! I'm super lucky to have her in my life! It's definitely an amazing feeling to be reunited after weeks apart. Super excited about the collaboration as well! A big thank you for participating! Off to a great start so far, can't wait to see what else shows up :D
  • [ – ] madel_schmadel reply You guys look so much alike, that's really amazing. Congrats on making it work - I hope it continues to. Long distance isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.
    • danielamann parent reply Really, you think so? I'd never thought about that before! It's not always easy, but we've developed our ways to make sure we can get through it just like any couple. The number one key has been communication, which I'm sure isn't a surprise. Thanks for stopping by =D I appreciate it
  • [ – ] dalestark05 reply very cool video
  • [ – ] galwaybeard reply Long distance is tough, but its worth it when its over. Nice shots.
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply I agree. Just making it through one school year at a time and then we don't have to worry about it again. It can be hard, but we are making it work out and it's worth it for sure
      • [ – ] hailstorm parent reply You mean you don't want me to get my masters from here too? Just kidding. It's hard but we're almost halfway done!
  • [ – ] hailstorm reply Hi I love you from wayyyyyyy over in Olympia 😋😋😋
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply I've done long distance before and it is hard. I'm glad that you guys are making it work.
    • danielamann parent reply It can be super hard! Fortunately for us we've been able to get to one another quite a few times which has made it easier to handle as well, but it can be quite difficult!
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply "It's hard but if it's worth it... Ya know..." this sums up every relationship perfectly. Every relationship has struggles whether that be fights, or a distance between two people if it's worth it then you'll find a way. Great video as always man
    • danielamann parent reply Absolutely agree. It's how you manage and overcome those struggles that makes all the difference in the world. We all have our different ways to handle that same thing, but no relationship is perfect ever, and it's important to realize that everyone has their own hardships to overcome. Thanks for the kind words man
  • [ – ] DarkQuark reply If you are a dude in a long distance relationship all you are is plan B.
    • nodetact parent reply I have a relatively close friend who has a long distance relationship with her boyfriend from the same state. She's catching up extremely fast through our community college's course credits to the point where, considering that her boyfriend is ahead of her in secondary school grade levels by about one or two of them, if she successfully achieves associate status by next month, then she'll be able to transfer to his university in no time. This is of course also a wise choice of hers to advance her education and she even told me he wasn't a permanent means of a relationship. Now, normally any of you guys would be caring enough to support anyone going through these rough patches in their lives and I get that. But me? Two problems: I grew poignant, significant feelings for her quickly after the infatuation stage, and therefore became a potential forbidden fruit/rebound relationship alternative which at least to a slight degree I was doubtful of me deserving to achieve it, and I also have a...moren extraordinarily omniscient personality and obviously an arrogant ego, even though I will feel bad for her boyfriend if anything happened to separate them even if to my advantage and even if he actually did hurt her and/or is boring in ironic comparison towards "and then there's Diagnoseer @nodetact" which has a higher odd of winning over her heart and soul to me whether I wanted or needed her in the first place, to be completely honest with you Vidizens. To be fair, however, my life is very complicated and as a result I will say in my very own defense that with that aside, I really do want her to be happy and will accept any outcome of her desires, me or without. I just only hoped that either of them would understand my perspective in light of my life story. If anyone needs me to expand on this, even if this is already too long of a vent for you all, just ask. But try not to wail out on how manipulative and unreasonable I can be because chances are I already know without even hearing about it. So really to to answer your comment... It all depends on the points of views and personal opinions and actions/thoughts/feelings of even intimidating and opportunity seizing figures such as myself, but as for Hailey and Daniel I doubt that they are doing anything so off that they deserve to have forbidden fruits or rebound relationships prove that what they have is not making the most out of their romantic potentials. Take care guys and thanks for this video, both @danielmann and @hailstorm! Again, these are only my two innocent cents, so please take me with a grain of salt if you don't trust me! ~Tony
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