GOP Holds Kansas House Seat in Special Election: Democratic Melt Down!

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  • StolenMoment reply People are saying no to media and hollywood. That really makes them crazzy. Their omniscience buzzwords are no longer working on at least semi-normal voters. Eventually the two party system may evolve into Republicans and Cucks. Democrats will be at the bottom of the ballot with libertarians and Greens.
  • [ – ] 1JohnKelso reply I will now only watch your videos on vidme and stay away from giggles you tube! i hate giggle!
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Yeah the comments are so degenerate. Although there are some very smart people on his page there... the comments have really gone down hill in last 3 months
  • SkogComplex reply The dims can never get the working class back, no matter how big a fuck up Syria and the cabinet is. They can't be the party of social justice and unlimited warfare, and also champion the working class. They're done. As pitiful as the gop can be due to the neocohens, the dims can always be a bigger dumpster fire.
  • [ – ] SkogComplex reply The problem with the gop are the neocohens, because they are liberals. That hardly makes the dims more attractive, when they are either more neocohens , or fucking communists.
  • Darkmonsterccc reply The dems actually did really well in Kansas. They lost by only 7 points in the special election, but in november Trump won the district by 27 districts. Also I found you to have a ton of over generalizing about the left. Of course there are the idiot establishment dems, but if you look at the republican party, you can see that they do everything bad about the dems but worse. Don't act like just because the dems suck, it must mean that the G.O.P are better. I agree in hating hillary clinton, and your right that the dems are hypocritical, but the republicans are far worse.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply We need more libertarians!
  • Aj9181 reply You are spot-on good show good content good Channel I will be watching and spreading it around
  • wolfalexzemla reply wont the left have to put together a platform ie show what they stand for before choosing a leader. lies, killing, warmongering, eating people and pedophilia don't make for a political platform. They are running out of time to get it together or be destroyed in the next elections.
  • wolfalexzemla reply all those people sjw's running around like chickens have gone silent now that we know better what trump is like as president
  • MidrangeKEK reply The amount of projection this past year from the democrats has been shocking. Almost everything they have said has applied to themselves.
  • 1JohnKelso reply The dems have done what the PRI in Mexico did they tried to absorb every opposition party. the Republicans have a problem with us populists but most populists are conservative in nature. the neocons could lose us if they don't watch out however. if they refuse to get the obamacare repeal and the tax cuts then they will start losing ground.
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