Breaking: Afghanistan Bomb Outside of German Embassy in Kabul Kills 90 Wounds Over 400

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  • Deelisch reply Bush kept saying "we are giving Afghanistan democracy" what his administration didn't know is that some country do not want democracy because it's in their culture and religion to rule under dictatorship, which it okay for them, it keeps them from killing each other ..... coool video! I love your style. :)
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Both Canada and the USA protect Germany and France as they are both part of NATO, but what does either country get for doing this for 70 years. When do people say that Germany and France pay up or get lost. Americans pay to protect Germany and France, both who have excellent free health care for their people. while they complain about having to pay for their own defense. There meeting was in a BILLION dollar building. When Trump said they were abusing the USA he was standing in the proof. This glass monument was proof that they have money for everything but their own defense, that building should be in the USA as is the TAX payer of the USA that footed the bill. The USA has been protecting them for 70 years and the abuse has to stop. Trump should pull the troops from Germany and France until they pay what they own, It long past time the abuse of using USA TAX dollars to support their economy and denying free heath care to Americans be ended.
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