Who Remembers These Stores from the 90's & 2000's?

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  • Anonymous_Gamer reply Kmart's here in Ohio have closed. I think we might have one?
  • [ – ] Roamancing reply Only just realizing that I haven't seen a KMart in awhile. Thanks for the blast from the past, although I too don't recall ZanyBrainy.
    • MUMS-Universe parent reply There's a Kmart kind of sorta near where I live. Went there about a year ago because it was there. Inside looks like it's been trapped in a timewarp.
  • GenaroJ7 reply Looks like I've been slacking on you guys. Keep up the great work Ovi and Rinh!
  • MUMS-Universe reply Radio Shack! =-) They're still around but they use to be in every mall back in 80s & 90s, now a day's not so much.
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