Alien Covenant Review

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  • SirAdamantine reply Aww Dave, that's kinda harsh. I agree that the first two films were the only great ones, but the xenomorphs are so fascinating a creation, that it makes the other movies worth watching.
  • Whovian72 reply I completely agree with your assessment of the movie. For myself, I saw a movie with a bunch of social justice warriors. I actually wished the aliens would have got them about 20mins into the movie-would have been more exciting and saved the rest of my day.
  • VGJustice reply Can't disagree with your review. The movie has more in common with '80s slasher flicks than the Alien franchise. It's gore porn for the sake of gore porn, and that's tremendously off-putting for most people.
  • Zissgo reply expand (possible spam) Würde mich freuen wenn ihr euch mal mein carporn anguckt und es bewertet :) Kritik ist erwünscht :)
  • mondeoman reply Shit, you just put me off watching it. The first one was excellent, saw it at the pictures with a nice girl.....long time ago.
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