OBS Green Screen Background Removal - Video Quality

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  • [ – ] frawstakwa reply Have you been copy/pasting your #vidme links onto your #YouTube descriptions?
  • [ – ] frawstakwa reply I can see that there's a border around where you are when you move your arms around... would there be any way to frame that so that you can see what your available range of motion is?
    • FPCVirtual parent reply I also in the future could make a purchase of a professional video camera that films great footage at longer distances. Then would need to create a video camera connection to my PC maybe through a third party app. So to use it as a web cam so OBS could substitute it to then enhance the sizing of that border. I have tested such using my smartphone's and iPod Touch in the past. It works in theory. Getting the equipment is just a matter of time 😊
    • [ – ] FPCVirtual parent reply Yeah that's due to the web cam, and how close I have it sitting in front of me. If I upgrade my setup which would take some $. I could then improve other aspects like purchasing a wireless microphone, a professional green screen and stand, a higher quality web camera and other neat lighting tools. Then I could enhance the positioning regarding distance I am to film the green screen footage. Thus increasing that border tremendously. As the border you see pretty much represents the field of view of the camera lens.
  • [ – ] frawstakwa reply This looks clean, I'm gonna look into OBS for real...
    • [ – ] FPCVirtual parent reply It's free 😁 that's what attracted me. I figured things out though by simply playing with its UI. The on screen functions are very easy to both learn and understand. Even if most are hidden features.
  • frawstakwa reply Real valid points you're making...
  • frawstakwa reply Real valid points you're making...
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