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Ep.3 Flight To Mexico Part 2 of 2 | Sky Crew Platinum Edition

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  • [ – ] GeorgeMcGee I just thought of this. I wish you could go full screen on yourself sometimes, at least when you sign off. Your picture is so small on screen and I always wish it was bigger. Huggies.
    • DancingSouless parent 🤗*HUGGIES*🤗 Right now I am having so much difficulty with my editor system. I usually only have my window big when doing vlogs and all. As for gaming I always keep it small so all can watch the game while I commentate on it and so on. As for the ending part like i said my editor has been haven issues. So maybe that could be something for the future videos when everything is alright. But for now It will have to remain that way. Sorry about it but I am struggling just like many creators. I got alot of needs on my list for my channel and am broke. so I do what i can do until I am able too get what I do need for my channel. Thats why I work so hard I gotta work hard to get the things I need for our channel. I dont mind working hard as this is my passion and I love what I do. but I will keep in mind what you have asked for and when I am able I will consider doing it in our future videos.😊🤝
  • [ – ] GeorgeMcGee I wish real airplanes were just like this. Last time I just got peanuts. That's all.
    • DancingSouless parent Depends who your flying with and what class. first class is always the best. depending on what airline you are flying with. Personally my favorite airline is Southwest. It is easy and simple and you can sit where ever. Plus when I am on southwest I usually get soda and peanuts. its good 😄. Personally I love honey roasted peanuts and my second favorite peanut is cashews, then third is hazelnuts. It all depends on my mood I guess.
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