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  • [ – ] sowhat-vidme reply xD, All cool ppl are moving to vidme
  • [ – ] BibleandBlues reply Welcome to Vidme guys. I think you'll love being here!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Welcome to Vidme guys! :) Well, since you asked me for some advice, you can check this video that i did https://vid.me/xdFd For now you should focus on trying to get verified https://vid.me/verified so that you can enjoy other features. I hope you read the FAQ too https://vid.me/faq You NEED to be verified to be able to be on trending or team picks and I don't think you will have any problem getting 50 folllowers. Just try to be active in the community, leaving upvotes and genuine comments. For now my advice would be, Leave your social media links in your bio, put a cover picture and use # in the descriptions of your vids, Also comment more on other videos ;) Good luck with your channel! See you around
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