Why did So Many Celebs Die in 2016?

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  • [ – ] LYSERGICWORLD reply Ali was not a wrestler nor a MMA fighter. He was The Greatest! The man floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee. You say you know history but obviously not. Thanks for making me feel hella old. Gene Wilder ...Blazing Saddles.
    • AladinSane parent reply Ya right....youth is always wasted on the young :-) David Bowie -- "he can dress himself well but, all rich people do" One of the most influential musicians, cultural/popular visionaries of the 20th century. That's not opinion; ask any of the supposed celebrities that are worshiped today and you will find that they all attribute at least some inspiration to David Bowie. Glam Rock? no? Prince, again, musical prodigy; played all the instruments on his first album release...really. My wish for 2017 ; the cultural upheaval of today leads to the millennial generation's interest and, most importantly, exposure and education in REAL art. i.e., if you f##k someone on tape and then release (accidentally leak?) it to the Internet, that does not make you a talented entertainer. Please, younger generation ; learn the difference between fame and infamy because the survival of western culture depends on it!
    • [ – ] Britt_Topia parent reply Yes! Thank you for answering. Hahaha, and I hope it wasn't meant as offensive, but it was a joke. About 'knowing history' xD Thanks for watching 👍
      • AladinSane parent reply ...and my reply was, of course, not meant to be aggressive or offensive either; just an insertion of a few facts that seem to be missing in your humourous take on tragedy (which I totally support...ya can't be gloomy while laughing). And of course, my tongue was firmly in cheek for some of the points. You seem like a fine young lady that aspires to entertain, right? Please, take my advise to heart and : learn something about art and culture (even if it is American culture; which might not even rate on some pretentious scales). Wait....I didn't say you know nothing about art and culture...your generation has had the unfortunate misfortune of having grown up under a form of cultural Marxism that has propagandized you and your peers to believe that 'reality TV' and The Kardashians is the pinnacle of entertainment and social commentary.....wait, I just barfed a little in my month... See what I mean. Raise the bar, girl...... I have faith!
  • [ – ] Grizzgray reply Projection makes perception which is your version of reality
    • [ – ] AladinSane parent reply Are you making reference to this man's work (https://vid.me/MRvl)? Or have you reached the same conclusion following another path?
      • Grizzgray parent reply Well no its one of the principles of a book called "A Course in Miracles" It says the world we see is just a reflection of our inner frames of reference, the dominate thoughts, beliefs, and emotions which we then project outward making them truth as we see it. So we all perceive a different version of reality which creates a world of illusions.
  • FrankDawg69 reply Blazing saddles
  • mybellacat1 reply Blazing saddles
  • Starkadder reply Blazing Saddles
  • MillenChillen reply perception is reality
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