Death Threats from SJWs to Their Own People!

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  • [ – ] TheGreyHam reply "A lapse of judgment?" No, you caved into peer pressure, like teenagers do.
    • [ – ] HighImpactFlix parent reply True. I personally think she was lying the whole time. Did you see how she was trying to placate to the audience?
      • TheGreyHam parent reply I wonder how she can look at herself in the mirror at night knowing she has no back bone and is tossed to and fro based upon public opinion. Folks like that are sickening.
  • FaBon reply Send the only message that entertainers understand: Spend no money on their music, movies, brands, videos, openly pile the stuff you paid for in the past and publicly burn them (if you can legally do this and not harm the environment) Unplug your TV and leave it outside with a sign on it: "This thing cannot control anyone when it is unplugged and headed for the recycle center" I do not allow a TV in my house so I went to Goodwill to buy a $10.00 TV I cut the cord off and poured bleach into the vent at the top, I made the sign and covered it with clear plastic so you could still read it fine but to keep it from the weather. I parked it right in the middle outside edge of my lawn near the street. Soon another neighbor parked his big screen TV next to mine with cord cut. His sign said; "I'm with her from next door" with an arrow pointing to his place. We left our message on my property for three weeks and although no one else joined us I had many people from the neighborhood give me a smi...morele and a thumbs up or stop to ask why I was doing that. Even the smallest protest is worthwhile if it gets one or more additional people to think critically about their choices. Please do not support those who actively participate in destructive acts against America or who help pedophiles to continue their crimes by aiding in the cover up. Stop the spread of negative politics by not supporting their careers. Hit them where it hurts the most. Their pockets. Besides aren't we all sick of watching them worship Satan openly like it is okay?
  • MissPospiscil reply Sickening lack of character or blatant psy-op.
  • DieNetaDie reply if she had some backbone I bet we would not have to say who this person but she does not so remained obscure
  • SpamJam reply YOU HAVE SOME VERY GOOD POINTS IN THIS VIDEO! please send me a t shirt pm me please !
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